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If your organization is considering moving content and/or media to mobile delivery platforms, it must first assess: what will it take to deploy applications on these platforms? Is it more advantageous to deploy a native application? Or is a hybrid or HTML5 solution a better answer? Biospace Technologies’s content technologists have the answers to these complex questions. We offer complete mobile application development and deployment for publishing and enterprise applications. Also known as “Apps,” these digital content products extend the utility of intelligent devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android phones and tablets, to more fully engage and captivate your audience.

Rich media features, such as audio, video, animation and 3D Location-aware functionality, including mapping services like GoogleEarth Instructional learning aids, including simulations, quizzes, demonstrations Social connectivity to Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels Biospace Technologies offers end-to-end App design, development and deployment services across all mobile platforms. We work closely to understand our clients’ mobile requirements and propose the most efficient and effectively meet their needs. Our enterprise app development methodology includes: » mobile strategy » mobile design » mobile application development » mobile application QA » market place deployment To minimize cost and maximize portability, Biospace Technologies’s mobile solution developers use open standards and separate content from programming whenever possible, while always applying cross-device standards and the very latest best practices of interactive design. Why Biospace Technologies ? With a 14+ year history of providing innovative content technology solutions, rich media development, and publishing expertise, Biospace Technologies’s teams of specialists are helping publishers innovate ‘outside the book,’ with the complete range of skill sets required to develop the most compelling and effective Apps in a cost-efficient manner. Let Biospace Technologies leverage new media to unleash the power of your content with exciting new Apps for today’s mobile-centric consumers!

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MySchool Live is a Mobile Application for Schools/Educational Institutions. MySchool Live app will send each and every Notifications through Push Messaging system and the Notifications will reach in Parent's Mobile in Real-Time. So no need of any SMS in future. This app is unique in instantaneously conveying the teachers instructions with cent percent accuracy to the parents who may be any where in the world. Parents and teachers can download the App (FREE) from Google Play Store and Apple App store.